My Reading Writing Blog

After a fairly long burn out phase, I’m now ready to start writing again, and that is essentially what this blog is, my way of getting myself to write about whatever inspires me. You might be able to relate to that…

Right now I’m excited about what I’m reading.  I want to put “on paper” my thoughts about the terrific books I’m experiencing.  Be it because of escapism, or just loving a story, a lot of my time is enjoyed with books.  On my commute to work I listen to a book, when I get home I listen to a different book during chores or whatever, and then at night before I go to sleep I hold an actual book in my hands and read as long as my eyelids will allow.  It’s wonderful. 

You may find some opinions in my writing along the way, hope you don’t mind.  But then again, even if you do, I have to continue.  Writing makes me feel organized, creative, like I’m using my time wisely.  And opinions are just a part of life.  So join me if you are interested, and if you love books like I do, and I will try not to be boring!  And if not, thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day. 



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