The marlin, a very mean fish (HST)

The Curse of Lono by Hunter S. Thompson (author) & Ralph Steadman (illustrator)

The Curse of LonoThe last two posts were about this book but I want to share one last quote.

Near the end, when Thompson goes on his last fishing trip in hopes of catching a marlin, he describes the experience:

“It is not like fishing for trout.  What we are talking about here is a beast the size of a donkey that is fighting for its life on its own turf.  A ten-pound trout might put up an elegant fight, but a 300-pound marlin with a hook in its throat can rip your arm-bones right out of their sockets, then leap right into the boat and snap your spine like a toothpick.  The marlin is a very mean fish, and if it ever develops a taste for human flesh we will all be in trouble.”

Love it!  If you want to try HST and Steadman out, give The Curse of Lono a shot.

The Curse of Lono

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