Wooden spaceships in Saga, the graphic novel

Saga, Book One by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga, the graphic novelSee my last posts for story line details about this book.  It’s original, to say the least.  Turning the page is just another wonder to behold.

But one thing that I will never forget is how the authors were able to turn a tree into a rocket ship.

One of the characters says “So we’re taking our infant child to outer space.  In something made of wood.”  Her mate says “Don’t judge, dear.  Some of the greatest ships in Wreath’s armada use lumber, makes them almost completely invisible to modern instruments.”

Problem solved!  Heinlein might have agreed.

Turns out, the rocket ship will take suggestions on where it lands, and it has a shower.

The only other tree-rocket ship hybrid I’ve encountered in my reading adventures was in Hyperion, a phenomenally good book science fiction book that I will post about in the future.

In Saga, the rocket ship has a furnace in which it burns pieces of itself to create energy.  At least that is what one character speculates.  It’s a great combination of low and high tech.

Saga rocketship

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