Art, nudity, and the graphic novel (Saga)

Saga, Book One by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga, the graphic novelThis graphic novel is about people with wings that originate from a planet called Landfall and people with horns on its moon Wreath, and the war that goes on between them.  The war is “outsourced” to other planets, and each one picks a side, so a galaxy-wide war has been going on for who knows how long.

It’s narrated by a woman who is telling the story of her parents, star-crossed lovers from opposing sides of the war, and she implies early on that they are going to die so we are constantly expecting them to do just that.

The variety of characters include people with horns and wings along with humanoid animals, centaurs, and robots that look human except for television screens for heads.  These are robots that use toilets and have babies, mind you.

Saga, The Stalk
The Stalk from Saga

The originality of this book is extreme, and it’s for reasons like this that graphic novels deserve to be billed as full-on literary and artistic accomplishments, and judged from a non-biased viewpoint even though they have “pictures”. 

Can you get more original than this?  (Image on right.)  You don’t want to see what’s under her skirt.

The copious nudity is oftentimes sexy and even beautiful.  It is art after all and in my view, nothing to be ashamed of or avoided.  The raunchiness on some of the pages of Saga is simply another wonder to behold.  And I have to say, it’s a pretty ballsy move putting a boob on the front cover of Saga, Book Onethe book version (with a suckling baby).  With all the amazing images to pick from, I don’t know if I would have picked that one for the cover, but it is rather sweet.

More about Saga in the next post.

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