Saga, Book One (graphic novel)

Saga, Book One by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga, the graphic novelGraphic novels often have characters that are an intriguing mix of good and bad.  To attract the graphic novel audience, I guess, you have to be edgy, complicated, and often violent.  The three main characters of Saga though, are mostly just good, although they are quite tough and do their share of fighting (well, except the baby).

Saga is dark sci-fi, with spaceships and everything, and it’s oftentimes quite naughty.  Sex and violence, it’s full of both.

The story line involves a forever-long war between two humanoid races.  They use magic and muscle to fight.  The story is told by a woman named Hazel who was born to star-crossed lovers from opposing sides of the war.  She starts the book out:

“I was born on a planet called Cleave, an ancient ball of mud circling a faded old star.

It never had much strategic value, but the place still mattered.  To me anyway.

See, this is where my parents met, but it’s not where they were from.Saga, the graphic novel

They grew up way over here, back where the war began.”

There is an arrow pointing to a large shining spot in a galaxy and she goes on to say this is where her mother is from, Landfall, and its moon is her father’s original home.   (At right, her father and her.)

The endless war between the two eventually got outsourced to other planets and spread across the galaxy.  The “moonies” of Wreath have a wide variety of horns and the people from Landfall have wings.  Apparently there are tons of creative ways to dress people up with horns!

(The ones with wings are not the good guys, contrary to popular assumption.)

More on this in the next post, but for now I will just say, this book is awesome.


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