XOM-B & the best zombie books

XOM-B by Jeremy Robinson

(Pronounced zom-BEE)

XOM-BThis futuristic zombie romp is a pretty fun and action-filled ride.  Zombies show up immediately and the constant action keeps you interested through most of it.  A surprise around each corner and the right length, 11 hours of listening time, makes it a well-rounded futuristic thriller.

The back of the audiobook case says “XOM-B is a wildly inventive zombie novel with a high-tech twist that will keep listeners guessing until the very last sentence.”  I have to admit, this is totally true.

World War Z by Max Brooks was by far the best zombie book I’ve listened to (nothing like the movie, it’s written in report style by different people after the zombie crisis has passed), and the Day By Day Armageddon series by J.L. Bourne was addictive in the way that The Walking Dead is (huge compliment), so XOM-B comes in at #3.  I’ve attempted to read one or two others but gave up because they sucked, plain and simple.  (I’m open to suggestions!)

Freeman, the main character of XOM-B, is a fully grown 16-day old man so we know he’s not normal.  He and his protector proceed to fight their way through a dangerous world of endless zombie hordes, set in the 2080s if I remember right, and he takes along a woman friend named Luscious.  I will only say, even the cheesy parts, like that name, are explained as totally rational when you find out the secrets of the book.

RC BrayThe narrator, R.C. Bray, must be given props too because I always knew which of the characters were speaking.  I would imagine that the perfect book to narrate is one with no more than 5 or 6 speaking characters, or even fewer, so that his or her repertoire of voices is never exhausted.

An audiobook becomes a totally different work of art than the book, and an exceptional narrator, of which there are many, brings it to a new, sometimes better level.  I would probably never read this book in print, but an audiobook is essentially an audio drama when the narrator does different voices for different characters, and it very much adds to the depth of the world that the author originally created.

It’s not a deep thinker, but I recommend this energetic fast-paced fun audiobook.

(Update:  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and its sequel are now #2, ahead of the Armageddon series, in regards to my favorite zombie books.)

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