Radio Free Albemuth, the movie

Radio Free Albemuth, the movie

Radio Free Albemuth is a book by Philip K. Dick and there was a movie made of it recently.  But, I’m sorry to say, don’t waste your time unless you are a Dick fanatic, or a real sci-fi buff that is willing to watch just about anything that’s been made into a movie.

Radio Free AlbemuthThe main characters are pretty nice to look at and you get used to their not-so-great acting skills as the movie goes on, but it was what I think of as a B movie.  Maybe those are just ones with low budgets, and I’ll give these people props for trying, but man, try to watch and you will see what I mean.

A lot of things are changed.  The time frame is much more recent which is understandable since it would be nearly impossible to make it look like the 60s.  Instead, it’s the 80s and they don’t worry much about whether things really look like the 80s, which they don’t, and that’s a good thing.

Some dialogue is taken directly from the book, and there are plenty of passages where the spirit of the scene has followed over even if it’s not exactly the same.  So the writers did a good job adapting, but wow it’s a tough one to sit through.

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