Interstellar: NPR review & IMAX

Interstellar movie posterInterstellar is an excellent movie, thrilling and suspenseful yet deep and meaningful.  It was long, but not once did I get bored.  (That is my inevitable determining factor for sitting through a movie at the theater, whether I get bored or antsy even once.  I don’t go often so I pick only the best ones to see.)

I heard NPR’s review before seeing the movie.  David Edelstein, along with some compliments, calls it “dumb” and says there is no reason given for the eco-catastrophe that now makes the earth nearly uninhabitable.  In my view, the movie made clear that the reason was that severe blight outbreaks have decimated one crop after another throughout the world until all that is left is the corn crop, with that one soon failing as well.

He calls the last hour of Interstellar “goofy”.  I could go for “implausible”, “far out”, or even “fantastically improbable.”  But goofy it is not.

David Edelstein, also, please don’t ask if something is “cool”, or in any way dumb down your reviews to increase your audience base.  I like you, I listen to your reviews and will continue to, but I just had to speak up about this one.


I will never go to an IMAX again!  (Sorry about all my complaining, I really did love the movie.)

The sound volume was so resonant that my body and chest vibrated during the loud moments (and there were a lot them).  I’m not sure if there are speakers or other types of vibration effects in the chairs, but I definitely think leaning far back into them made it worse.

I still enjoyed the movie thoroughly and very much recommend it, but if you are bothered by deep base and like wide screen don’t bother paying the extra money for IMAX.

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