Question about Interstellar


After watching Interstellar recently, I woke up the next morning with a burning question.  How could humans have created the worm hole that appeared in our solar system if they had already died out from the crop-failure catastrophe that is making earth uninhabitable?

Interstellar movie posterThe worm hole appears during our near future on Earth; scientists surmise that an unknown “they” have put it there to help humans colonize another planet.

The movie tells the tale of the four explorer astronauts who follow the tracking signals of previous expeditions in order to find survivors, get their data, and put their frozen population of human embryos on the best suited planet in order to carry on the human race.

Later, when Matthew McConaughey’s character is trapped in the “tesseract”, a place where time appears spatially, he realizes that “they” are future humans who are helping him save all those left on Earth.

But in order for the black hole to have been put there by humans, they would have had to survive in the first place.  And assuming Earth did become uninhabitable and humans went extinct for all intents and purposes, then how could the future humans have created the worm hole to save those humans?

Perhaps there is an answer here that I’m not seeing, and there could be so many questions about “time” itself that maybe no one knows and it’s all just speculation, but that question sticks with me.

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