The movie “Her” by Spike Jonze

Her, a movie by Spike JonzeHer transported me to a peaceful atmospheric vision of a future urban America, where people are forever connected yet still inevitably and existentially forever separate.  Orange light, smooth lines, quiet rooms, kind people.  The most optimistic vision of the future that I’ve seen in a while.

This movie is about accepting love in any form; learning, growing, finding, together and apart.

Joaquin Phoenix is perfect in this pathetic needy role.  He is the perfect modern young adult man:  seeking love until it is given to him, pulling away, running back, unsure whether or how to connect.

In this case he finds love with computer software.  There is nothing cold and impersonal about this movie though.  It is in-your-face… too-high tweed pants and all.  Forcing the intimate moments on us as viewers, cringing at times but by the end, loving him and his silly pants.  To say the acting is phenomenal seems trite.

I wish I could experience this movie all over again for the first time.

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