Roland of Gilead, a sensitive man

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

Book One: The Gunslinger

(con’t from the last post)

The GunslingerRoland considers himself to be “romantic”. I believe what is meant by this is that he considers himself to be a sensitive person. (But as he says, he keeps it deeply hidden.)

The man in black sees this “romanticism” in Roland, this sensitivity, or sentimentalism.  So he puts Jake in his path, knowing Roland will love him and care for him immediately.

Sentimentalism, it’ll get you every time 😉

King has managed to create Roland as deeply sensitive and intuitive but simultaneously hard as a rock. At least in regards to his mission and the affects it has on those around him.

And King has certainly succeeded in creating a “romantic” tale in The Gunslinger.

But back to Roland’s sensitive side for a sec.  As an adolescent he reported a traitor in the court’s midst, a person he cared about.  When the traitor was hanged, he and his friend Cuthbert held hands.

This touching moment perhaps says more about Roland’s world lacking the hang-ups about sexuality that our world has (at least where I come from), but it argues for his depth and caring as well.

(And it shows that Stephen King realizes how hung up we are too.)

More on that later…

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