Methuselah’s Children, space adventure

Robert Heinlein’s Future History Series Book One: Methuselah’s Children (con’t from last post) Methuselah's ChildrenThe second half of this book moved along fast and was thoroughly enjoyable. What sci-fi reader doesn’t want to hear about aliens? Especially the first aliens that humanity encounters. But details are sparse and the reader’s imagination has to work overtime. Sometimes things are cleared up for you eventually, but this is one book you have to listen to closely since missing one or two sentences, or fragments of sentences, may cause confusion. (I listened to the audiobook, which creates a different level of comprehension than visually absorbing a book.) Lazarus Long is a cocky know-it-all and while I’m going to read many more of Heinlein’s books, I hope this character evolves. Don’t get me wrong though. Methuselah’s Children is a terrific space adventure. It gives us an impression of Earth in the year 2136 while adding some piss and vinegar in the form of a still-wild 200-year-old diehard. Pun intended. As an early book of Heinlein’s, Methuselah’s Children was written before he peaked as a science-fiction writer, so I have much to look forward to in reading his later books, starting with the second in the Future History series, The Man Who Sold The Moon, in a post soon to come.

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