In The Beginning There Was Sci-Fi

I’m a big science-fiction fan, beginning with Stephen King in my teens and 20s. I fell in love with Star Trek in college in the 90s and programmed my VCR (a challenge, yes) to record The Next Generation every single weekday while it was in syndication. Picard is my hero and in a sense, my ideal father figure.  🙂

In my 30s I fell in love with Ursula K. LeGuin, my absolute favorite fantasy/sci-fi writer. I ventured to other writers: Pohl, Silverberg, Bradbury, but LeGuin has a certain poignant, compassionate psychology that I revel in.  After that I went thru a years-long non-fiction phase, and now I’m reading The Dark Tower series again along with The Future History series by Robert Heinlein.  I want to get to know them as well as I can, and writing about what I read and listen to (i.e. audiobooks) will undoubtedly aide me in this endeavor.

So follow along if this at all interests you. This is essentialy a writing exercise, an experiment, a way to share my enthusiasm for sci-fi writing.

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